10thHuman: On the other side of every interaction is a human being…

The effect we have on others-2I’ve blogged previously about the need for authentic, civil communication.

Tonight, I’d expand upon this, maybe step back a bit and ask us all to pause and consider that on the other side of every interaction is a human being.

From a professional perspective, this will absolutely help your business. Consider, please, the last place you visited where the representative of the business┬ádidn’t make eye contact, didn’t engage with you, didn’t acknowledge you…is this a place likely to earn your business again?

On the other side of the equation, when you last visited Starbucks or the Apple Store (both known for their customer service), how were you made to feel? Likely, you were made to feel like you belonged, like you were a member of their team or tribe.

From a personal perspective, I think this is a valuable lesson to remember as we interact with our fellow people. We are all part of this tribe called humanity and I believe, if we could just try to see the world through one another’s eyes, we could accomplish wonders.