5 Questions to Ask in a Changing Job Market

image from pixabay
image from pixabay

The world is changing. Emerging technologies in automation and virtual and augmented reality are just a tip of the iceberg. I was reading this morning about a new field of study regarding artificial intelligence; particularly, there’s a new discipline being created as we speak in the study of AI.

I believe the next 5-10 years will usher in many fantastic changes.

However, this comes with a cost. Namely, our jobs are going to be impacted. How can you prepare for the pivot you’ll need to stay employed?

I’m reading “A More Beautiful Question” by Warren Berger and he’s proposed several questions you can/should ask yourself in looking ahead:

How is my field/industry changing?

What trends are having the most impact on my field, and how is that likely to play out over the next few years?

Which of my existing skills are the most useful and adaptable in this new environment – and what new ones do I need to add?

Should I diversify more – or focus on specializing in one area?

Should I be thinking more in terms of finding a job – or creating one?

Change is coming. 

Be ready. Be a step ahead.