We control what external events mean to us personally…

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There is a mantra out ‘there’ that says we alone control our responses to events, that the universe is thusly ours to command.

I’ve never quite subscribed to the totality of this mantra. Random stuff happens; in fact, change and random stuff seems to be the only constant.

I read something today that stretched my comprehension of the first part of this sentiment. Specifically, “you control what every external event means to you personally.” (The Daily Stoic, Holiday)

This I can agree with in totality. Therein lies an ultimate control, internally.

10thHuman: Multiple Businesses as a means of defense against changing market conditions

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I am currently in discussions with another entrepreneur about starting up another business idea, unique in our market. The idea is a niche one and the first business to implement will likely enjoy a first mover advantage.

I was asked by another individual why I am always on the lookout for new ideas. My reasons are several:

  1. If I can, I want to help other entrepreneurs.
  2. What got you there won’t keep you there.
  3. Market and job conditions change.

Focus in your primary profession is important but so is being constantly on the lookout for new ideas, as a defense against changing market conditions.

Talking and doing consume the same resources

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Talking and doing consume the same resources.

I’m listening to “Ego is the Enemy” today on Audible and this nugget jumped out at me (amongst others).

What does this mean?

In the context of the book, the author isn’t saying we should go about our day in silence and just work.

What he’s aiming and elaborates on is that we often fool ourselves into substituting talk for action. If we talk about a thing, our brains are somewhat fooled into thinking we did that thing in part, because the two consume similar resources.

This speaks to me quite profoundly as it mirrors or underscores a question I often ask myself, “Am I doing the busy things or the important things?

10thHuman: Stress as a mismatch

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This meme speaks to me and, I suspect, a good number of people.

I would add to this stress is also a mismatch between what you want to be and the demands or expectations of others.

Be you.

Be the best you you can be, in the capacity that brings you peace.

That’s my goal. It manifests for me as being the best dad and human and advocate I can be.