of strength and calm minds

Anger, it is often said, is a powerful weapon.

I submit to you that a calm mind is far more powerful.

As I read this passage today in The Daily Stoic, I was reminded of a moment a couple of months ago during a sparring exercise with another Krav Maga student. As we engaged in our battle of OODA loops, he landed a good blow upon my person, which…engaged…a predictably angry response internally, to the point where I nearly threw out all training and wanted to brawl.

In that moment, I exposed myself to additional potential attacks from my calmer opponent.

It was only when I asserted the calm state internally, remembered my stance and that I knew what I was doing and was capable of, that I was able to defend against further attacks and, in fact, land a solid blow upon his person.

Of course, Aurelius’ words apply to more than physical combat. Calm minds plan and execute better decisions in business and life, too.